Anxiety Stress Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety or Stress

Anxiety is a natural response that everyone will feel from time to time, after all no one can avoid routine life situations. We may feel anxious when we need to attend a job interview or swerve for a car that is heading in our direction and for some people it may be the worry that people will think badly of them.

Not everyone reacts to an experience in the same way and not everyone experiences anxiety at the same level. Anxious people may remind themselves of the particular scary or upsetting situation by imagining things happening and the anxiety can run away with them.

Through trance the Hypnotherapist can provide space for internal focus when a persons mind can redefine the perceived threats and facilitate a process of de-cluttering. This allows rational thought to become easier.

During the sessions you will help you regain your confidence, feel calmer and feel more in control. Helping you develop a new positive and robust outlook.

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