We offer a personalised initial consultation that may take between 45 to 75 minutes which serves a number of purposes.

This gives you the opportunity to explain why you have chosen solution focused hypnotherapy and why you are seeking help, which enables us to assess whether hypnotherapy will help you, and it also allows us to build a report and decide whether we would like to work together to address your situation.

After we have taken some basic details and asked about your concerns, we will explain the workings of the brain with reference to your particular issue.

We describe how, if our subconscious mind perceives a threat to our well-being. Can have an helpful affect on our thoughts and your behaviour. Most people find this interesting and enlightening. We will outline the process of hypnosis, which is a much more simpler experience than most people think.

We will then agree to a number of sessions based upon our meeting and we will give you a relaxation soundtrack to listen to between sessions, which is best listened to each evening before bed.

Subsequent sessions:

Personalised sessions will last for between 40mins to 1hr.

Begin and review how things have been since the last session to see if there’s been any improvements with a particular emphasis on what has gone well and what has been good in your week.

We review how the mind works as a prelude to Solution Focused Therapy questions which are designed to encourage positive responses.

Each element of the therapy you will need to be focused as this will be followed by hypnosis. Most people find that relaxation consolidates the therapeutic work.

This takes 3 sessions after the initial consultation.
This involves the rewind technique & concludes in a reframe session.

The smoking session lasts for around 2 hours
This includes the initial consultation
The client is required to give 100 % commitment and is essential that they definitely wants what to quit, your will power is definitely required.
Please note! That if you want to stop smoking but you smoke marijuana and do not wish to quit smoking marijuana this process will not work!

Our Fees

Our fees are currently as follows:-

Initial consultation including a Relaxation CD or you can download this from a link we will send to you, this will also help with sleep.

FREE Initial Consultation.

Following follow up sessions £50.00

Smoking £150
If you want to smoke after the session you will get a refund less the fee for the initial consultation.

Weight -management program 6 sessions £390.00

10% Discount for Armed Forces, Police, Fire, Ambulance all 999 Services.

Payment to be settled at the end of each session by cash or bank transfer.

If you are having a smoking session or weight management session payment is due in full.

Hypnotherapy is very effective however success is not guaranteed, client commitment is very important, listening to the CD between sessions is a vital element in the process and participation is required also reading and understanding any handouts. This will be explained in the initial consultation.