PTSD Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy can help PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety-based disorder where a person typically has been involved in a traumatic event.

The term was first introduced in the 1970s in the US diagnosing veterans form the Vietnam War. During World War 1, it was known as ‘shell shock.’

Once believed that only people involved in war / combat could suffer from PTSD, we know that PTSD can affect anyone. 

Also 999 service are also known to be a high percentage.

It affects 4% of the population. The highest rates are seen in woman aged 16-24 after suffering sexual assault.

Those who suffer from the condition recognise the symptom of stress, high anxiety, flash- backs, and nightmares. Furthermore, it can lead to avoiding certain situations as a way of coping with their feelings. Other people will try and switch off their emotions, which can lead to isolation and lack of interest in the things they use to enjoy.

Children can also suffer from symptoms that may appear different to adults. They may include bedwetting, social anxiety and re-enacting the event in play.

Why does Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help PTSD?

Various therapies over the years have tried to treat PTSD with aversion, exposure, NLP, drugs, counselling and others. Some times they worked and sometimes they didn’t. The one common theme running through all of the successful approaches is some kind of exposure to the event.

Furthermore, we also now know that long memories are unstable and emotions within the memory can change over time. This change is dependent on the stress levels of the person while recalling the event.

In essence, we can now change how the person deals with the memory and therefore how they take control of their life going forward. Solution Focused hypnotherapy does this effectively by reducing anxiety levels and resetting the memory in a place where it can be there without effecting the future.

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