About Me

My name is Lynden Vann. I am a professionally qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I was enjoying a career within the British Army (Royal Engineers) until I suffered an injury which lead to a medical discharge. I did not let this setback affect me as I decided to change this situation into an opportunity. I decided to study and train within the field of hypnotherapy.

Within the British Army I worked closely with colleagues; we protected and supported each other within training and combat. I was also able to work with my fellow mates to do charity work. Because of my history and experiences – but now out of the army – I believed that my future lay within the caring professions; to this extent I chose therapeutic hypnotherapy as my future.

I trained with CPHT – a nationally recognised leader within hypnotherapy training – within the campus at Trinity and All Saints University, Leeds. My training was comprehensive and the best at providing hands on practise of practical hypnotherapy. From day one of my training I was practising trance work with my fellow students. From day two our tutors encouraged us to do hypnotherapy trance work with friends and family! The result was that we all became confident with our hypnotherapy practice very quickly, and thus very skilled with our interpretation of consultation and diagnosis.

Due to my background within the armed forces, I have a particular interest within the field of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which is a major issue for serving, and ex-service soldiers, which can and will cause catastrophic mental and physical injury leading to lives put at ruin.

Whatever your issue is, be it stress related, anxiety, OCD or phobia, I am very keen to help. I want to allow you to get your life back on track. If you want to make a positive step forward to make your life a success then contact us and make that change.